How to train up the calves: Home and gym exercises

People’s desire for the perfection of their body knows no boundaries. To train up a certain group of muscles, you need to put a little effort in and your own will. The problem of many modern people is underdeveloped muscles due to lack of walking and physical activity. Calf muscle training is usually included in a set of basic exercises for the leg muscles. The question “How to train up the calves and quickly build muscle mass” is relevant both for women and for men.

Home exercises for the calves

You can build up and get trained calves in a relatively short time. Exercises on the calves can be performed at home, they are short in time (no more than 20 minutes). But after 2-3 months of constant training, you can see a significant improvement in the muscle definition.

To perform simple and accessible exercises at home, no special equipment is required.

There are several popular techniques to train the calves a home:

  • Jumping rope (to jump until it burns in the calf area);
  • Climbing up and down the stairs (to achieve maximum effect, it is better to climb up two stairs at a time or with dumbbells) – the training time is 15-30 minutes;
  • Walking on toes with the heel raised to the maximum, without bending the knees with a straight back (a kind of ballet step);
  • Running, cycling, skiing, skating or using roller skates;
  • “Pistol” exercise. To perform it, pull one leg forward, perform squats on the other, holding on to the support (the number of repetitions is not limited). For physically untrained people, this calf exercise will be quite difficult.

Tip: To pump up the calf muscles at home more effectively, many athletes use Turinabol or Anavar, as these light substances can improve the muscle building process, promote nitrogen retention within the muscles and also increase the amount of red blood cells that feel the muscles with oxygen. Due to this, pumping and building the calf muscles will become much more effective!

Let’s consider a few more effective calf exercises that can be successfully done at home.

Rise on the toes

Home calf exercises can also be performed from a sitting position. At the same time, for weighting, it is better to put some kind of load on your knees or sit your child on your knees for the needed weight load, but be careful when performing the exercise as not to let the child fall.

Raise your feet to the maximum height at least 15 times slowly and smoothly. At the end of the exercise, a burning sensation should be felt in the shin area. The exercise develops the soleus muscle well, which is hidden under the calf and creates a third of the total volume of the lower leg.


The exercise is performed in the standing position and it is necessary to smoothly rise on the tiptoes to the maximum height and gently lower the foot without touching the floor. The number of repetitions must be at least 100 times.

To complicate the training, you can use dumbbells as additional weights. The most difficult version of the “Spring” is to perform the exercise on one leg with a weighting, then on the other (it is desirable to do 4 sets of 30 times).

When performing calf exercises at home and achieving a quick result, you can use a stepper or a step platform. The step platform is an ideal tool for training the internal zones of the calf muscles.

You need to stand on your toes on any convenient surface and stretch out to the maximum height, then smoothly fall on your heels.

In this exercise, you can change the angle of the foot at your discretion, with the feet parallel to each other, the middle part of the calves is trained, with the toes together and heels apart, the outer part is trained and with the heels together and the toes apart, this helps to train up the inner side of the calves. When alternating different positions of the toes and heels, you can train all the zones of the calf muscles.

Gym exercises for the calves

Many sports people go to the gym to work out this muscle group. It is convenient to train up muscles in the gym on the Smith machine or any other simulator.

Smith machine exercises

Smith’s machine is effective for building muscle mass in different areas of the body, including the calves. Beginners and professionals can train in this machine.

To do it, you should stand up on the simulator with your heels so that the toes hang freely, then lower and raise on the toes with smooth movements (without jerks at the same pace) until a burning sensation in the shin area.

The bench press simulator exercises

Working out the calves in this simulator allows you to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum, it is very effective and anatomically natural.

For this exercise, you need to lie down on the bench of the simulator. Rest your legs in the lower part with your legs apart, an angle of 90 degrees should be between the torso and legs. Straighten your legs to the limit and squeeze the working part vertically. The exercise is performed in 8 repetitions, for no more than 4 sets.

Training plan for calves

Training plan example for at home:

  • Warm-up of the muscles -5 -7 minutes;
  • Lifting from a standing position on the tiptoes — 15 repetitions for 4 sets;
  • Lifting from a sitting position -15 repetitions for 4 sets;
  • A cool down is required.

Gym example workout plan:

  • Warm-up of muscles -5 -7 minutes;
  • Toe press in the leg press simulator – 12 repetitions for 3 sets;
  • Lifting on the heels in Smith’s machine – 12 repetitions for 3 sets;
  • A cool down is required.

Recommendations and tips

Fitness and bodybuilding experts give basic recommendations for a complete training of the lower legs:

  • Warm-up is mandatory, stretching for 15 seconds on each leg;
  • The range of movements is optimal;
  • Alternating types of exercises and loads;
  • Performing a power complex for the calf muscles at the end of the workout;
  • Perform the calf pumping exercise no more than 1-2 times a week, allowing the muscles to recover;
  • Exercises with a preponderance on the big toe gives the best effect when training up these muscles;
  • Monitor the rhythm of breathing, observe the drinking regime;
  • Training should be regular, it is necessary to gradually increase the load by increasing the number of repetitions, sets and also the working weight.

Important: Each new workout should be a little more difficult than the previous one, since these muscles are difficult to train up. It is more effective to train up in the gym, since you can dose working weights and achieve progression faster.

The peculiarity of training the calf muscles is the need for additional weight. To train up the calf muscles, you need intensity, regularity and complete dedication. If you pay special attention to the exercises on these muscles, then in a short time a positive result will be noticeable and proportionally definition of the leg muscles will be indicated. Trained the legs is necessary for constructing a beautiful and proportioned body.

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