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Horizontal bar exercises for different muscle groups

The most effective way to get your body in shape is to work out in the gym, however, not everyone has extra money to buy a membership. Then exercises on the horizontal bar come to the rescue, as it’s simple, and most importantly, accessible. With the help of a horizontal bar, you can work out all muscle groups, make the body more prominent and fit. At the same time, those who want to become more athletic and healthy can achieve this, as you can do both complex exercises aimed at a large number of areas of the muscular skeleton and local exercises for certain zones.

Exercises on the horizontal bar

Horizontal bar is a free and affordable projectile, which you can increase strength with, gain muscle mass and make the muscle definition more pronounced. To do this, you do not need to have special knowledge of how to use this bar or overpay to buy a gym season ticket, but it is enough to go outside and walk to the nearest sports ground. However, you need to remember that you have to practice on the horizontal bar regularly, otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired result.

Training program to increase strength on the horizontal bar

This program will help those who want to increase their strength indicators. The exercises included in the system are aimed at improving physical fitness and are highly effective.

For example, such chin-ups as plyometric (when it is necessary to tear your hands off the bar and make a clap) can significantly increase the strength indicators. We must not forget about proper breathing during their execution, otherwise fatigue will come much faster.

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It is possible to become stronger with the help of a horizontal bar. To do this, it is necessary to correctly approach the implementation of exercises. It is important to remember that the ascents should be done slower than the descents, i.e. 3 seconds of lifting and 1-2 lowering. Experienced athletes can increase this time interval to 4-5 seconds. It is also best to perform4-5 sets and no more than 8 repetitions. If there is a feeling of fatigue or severe pain, it is best to stop exercising on the horizontal bars and after the body recovers, return again.

The following set of exercises are aimed at increasing strength and are suitable for both experienced athletes and beginners.

Chin-ups with a narrow grip

One of the basic exercises on the horizontal bar that everyone can perform. To do this, you need to fix your palms on the bar, so that they are located closer to the neck. Then bring your legs together and tighten your abdominal muscles. Next, you need to perform a lift so that the chin is in line with the bar. You need to stay in this position for no more than 2 seconds, then return to the starting position.

Pull-up with an average grip

This option is most often used by novice athletes, because thanks to it, there is a universal load on the muscles of the back and arms. To properly perform this exercise on the horizontal bar, it is necessary to place your hands on the projectile so that they are above your shoulders and then cross your legs. Straining the abdomen, you need to slowly pull yourself up until your chin touches the crossbar. Wait for 2 seconds and go down to the original one.

Gironde’s chin-ups

Such training on the horizontal bar will best train the widest muscles of the back and arms. To perform it, you need to fix your hands on the crossbar in such a way that they are wider than your shoulders. Bring your legs together and tighten your abs, wait 2 seconds and return to the starting position.

It is best to perform a Gironde’s chin-up for no more than 4 times a week, in 3-4 sets of 7-8 repetitions. Thus, the body will not have time to get used to the high load and the muscles will always be in good shape.

If we combine these chin-ups into a training system, we get the following scheme:

Training program to increase strength on the horizontal bar

  • Monday and Thursday – A narrow grip of 8 reps in 3-4 sets, an average grip of 7 reps in 3-4 sets. You can complete the training by performing exercises on the abdominal muscles, for example, lifting the legs. It must be done 8 times in 3-4 sets;
  • Tuesday and Friday — Chin-up for the head with wide-set hands for 8 repetitions in 3-4 sets, the average grip in the same amount. The final exercise on the abdomen must be performed 8-9 times in 3 sets;
  • The rest of the days are recovery days.

System of exercises on horizontal bars for weight gain

To increase muscle mass, it is not necessary to go to the gym. It is enough just to have a horizontal bar and know the exercises that will help to achieve this. Chin-ups with weights are best suited, as well as work in the negative phase, i.e. perform fast ascents and smooth descents.

The exercises are best repeated 7-8 times in 5-6 sets. However, if the level of physical development is low, it is recommended to reduce them so as not to harm the body. In this case, more does not mean better, because the more often you do such exercises on the horizontal bars, the higher the chance to lose weight, and not gain it.

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The following training package is aimed at increasing the mass and strengthening the muscles:

Chin-ups with a wide grip

When performing this exercise, the widest and double-headed shoulder muscles are trained. To bring results, it is necessary to observe the correct technique, which is to put your hands on the bar so that they are wider than your shoulders, bring your legs together and strain your abdominal muscles. After that, quickly pull up, fix the position for 2 seconds and return to the starting position.

If after 4-5 sets of 7 repetitions, there is some power left, then you should add a load to your legs or use a chin-up with a reverse grip.

Rocky’s chin-ups

The exercises are named after the film of the same name starring Sylvester Stallone. It was he who first showed this technique, perfecting the Gironde’s chin-ups. The technique will help to work out the muscles of the back, arms and forearms.

First, you need to put your palms on the bar so that they are slightly wider than the shoulder line, bring your legs together and strain the abdominal muscles. After that, a slow tightening of the lower part of the chest is performed. It is necessary to hold out in this position for 1-2 seconds and return to the original one. Make another chin-up so that the horizontal bar is higher than the chest and drop to the initial position.

However, it is not recommended for beginners, since it is quite complex and requires a lot of effort.

Chin-ups with a narrow reverse grip

This exercise is aimed at increasing the muscles of the back and biceps, and if you follow the correct technique of performing it, you can quickly gain the necessary mass. To begin with, you need to take hold of the horizontal bar with a reverse grip so that the hands are narrower than the shoulders, then pull up so that the chin is higher than the horizontal bar. In this exercise, you do not need to fix the position, because it is weakly tense muscles. After pulling up, you need to slowly return to the starting position. For greater efficiency, it is best to use additional weight.

This exercise on the horizontal bar is performed 7-9 times in 4 sets. This amount may vary depending on physical fitness and the general condition of the body.

Exercises aimed at increasing muscle mass can be combined into a training system:

Training program for weight gain

  • Monday and Thursday – A wide grip with a load, which must be done 7-9 times for 3-4 repetitions. The next day, you need to perform a narrow grip and a wide one, 8-9 times in 4 approaches;
  • Tuesday and Friday – Pull-up with a narrow reverse grip in 4 sets of 7 times, then warm up and do a Rocky’s chin-up no more than 3 sets of 5-7 times;
  • The rest of the days are recovery days.

A set of strength exercises on horizontal bars for gaining definition

To have a trained and beautiful body, you need to perform a specially designed training program on the horizontal bar, do not forget about breathing and control your technique, otherwise joint injuries can occur.

Such training methods were shown to be more effective with weights. Thus, the load on the muscles will be evenly distributed throughout the body, making it taut and defined.

Tip: To promote muscle definition, many athletes use supplements within their programs to ensure the results are maximized. Many athletes use Superdrol or Winstrol orals tablets or Testosterone and Trenbolone for the more advanced athletes in order to achieve the maximized muscle definition potential. These substances allow for the body to expel all of the unneeded excess water retention and also promote strength and faster recovery times. This means that an athlete can quickly progress within their workouts and gain only clean, lean and defined muscle mass!

The following scheme of exercises will help to make the body more prominent and athletic. The main thing is to follow the safety rules, as well as monitor the condition of the body, avoid the appearance of severe pain or fatigue.

Pulling up the knees to the chest

Classic exercises for working out the muscles of the abdomen. To perform it, it is not necessary to have developed stamina or have a high level of physical development. It is available even for beginners.

First, you need to put your hands on the crossbar and raise your legs, bent at the knees, to the chest. Fix this position for a second and return to the initial one. In order for it to bring results, you need to perform 16-18 repetitions in 2-3 sets, depending on your physical abilities.

Leg lifts

Another basic exercise that will help create a beautiful body definition. It belongs to the advanced level, so it may seem difficult for beginners.

To perform it, you need to take the free position one the bar and lift your straight legs so that they are slightly higher than parallel with the floor. Stay in this position for a second and lower your hips. Thus, it is necessary to make 2 sets of 17-18 repetitions. For the best effect, it is better to lift your legs slowly.

Rotation of the knees

Performing this exercise on the horizontal bar, you can train the oblique and rectus muscles of the abdomen, as well as the hips. The technique of its execution is simple, you just need to take the free position on the bar, bend your legs at the knees and make circular movements. It is important not to sway and keep your back as straight as possible.

To achieve the result, you need to do 2-3 sets of 10 rotations in each direction.

To make the training beneficial, it is recommended to combine them into one program:

Training program for body definition

  • Monday and Wednesday – The training begins with a wide grip of 8 reps for 3 sets, followed by chin-ups with a reverse grip of 8-9 reps for 4 sets. For beginners, this figure can be reduced. You can complete the training by lifting the legs in the same amount;
  • Tuesday and Thursday – It is recommended to start training with chin-ups of different grips, in 3-4 sets of 8-9 repetitions. Then comes a wide grip and a narrow one in the same amount. You can complete the complex by pulling your knees up to your chest 7 times in 3-4 sets;
  • The rest of the days are recovery days.

Recommendations and tips

Before starting trainings on horizontal bars, you need to study the techniques of grip, because in most cases the quality of the exercise and its effectiveness depend on it. Also, we should not forget about the technique of breathing, as it should be calm and even. Only in this case, you can achieve high results.

A set of exercises on the horizontal bar must be selected for your goals, since there are a large number of them. An incorrect scheme can be ineffective, and in some cases dangerous. Experienced athletes are advised to first determine their desires and then choose the necessary exercises.

The frequency of the training held largely affects the final result of training. An important rule is not to train too often, otherwise the body will be in constant tension, which will lead to numerous health problems.

It is important to remember about the control of your body. When pulling up and lifting the legs, the torso should remain straight. If it is difficult, it is best to reduce the number of repetitions. One technically correct exercise will bring much more benefit than several incorrect ones.

If you have problems with pulling up, it is recommended to resort to training for grabbing on the horizontal bar and use an additional weight or a towel. You can train stamina and strength by hanging on it for a while. Beginners often wrap a towel around the crossbar to increase the strength in the fingers and hands. The grip affects the effectiveness of the exercise, so you should pay great attention to it. Also, we should not forget about the technique of performing chin-ups. When lifting the body, it is important to transfer the main load to the back, and not to the muscles of the arms. Thus, fatigue will come much later, and the effectiveness of training will increase several times.

Each exercise is aimed at certain muscles, so when doing strength training on horizontal bars, it is important to clearly understand which muscle group needs to be worked out. For example, if there is a goal to increase the mass, then it is necessary to train the back, not the arms. So, when pulling up, the emphasis is on the widest muscles of the back and not on the arms. The only thing left is to put this theory into practice!

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